History and Background

In 1969, Southwestern Michigan Emergency Services, P.C. was incorporated and began the full-time physician staffing of the Bronson Methodist Hospital Emergency Department (a Level 1 Trauma Center with current visits of 90,000 annually). Staffing of this facility in Kalamazoo, Michigan has continued uninterrupted.

Since inception, Southwestern Michigan Emergency Services, P.C. has also contracted with several additional hospital emergency departments in the area to provide part-time and full-time coverage. Our corporate goal is to furnish the highest quality care to the hospitals and patients we serve, as well as, maintain a superior working environment for the clinical providers we employ.

Since the mid 1970’s, Southwestern Michigan Emergency Services, P.C., through the Bronson Trauma and Emergency Center, has helped develop and support the Kalamazoo County EMS System, culminating in the development of the Kalamazoo County Advanced Life Support Corporation, which is responsible for overseeing the ALS system for Kalamazoo County.

All of our board-certified physicians are part of the clinical teaching Western Michigan University Homer Stryker M.D. School of Medicine (WMed). In the Department of Emergency Medicine, we provide care for patients with a broad spectrum of emergent and urgent conditions.

Today, Southwestern Michigan Emergency Services, P.C. employs skilled emergency medicine Physicians and emergency trained Advanced Practice Providers, (Nurse Practioners and Physicians Assistants). Our commitment proudly serves the community of Southwest Michigan and beyond. 

Harpers Heart Heroes is a group of elementary age kids who believe that children should be taught what to do in a medical emergency.

People often ask, who is Harper? Harper is not a specific person. Rather, Harper is a heart-shaped character that the team developed to connect with their target audience. Harper represents every person’s heart.

Harper’s Heart Heroes created an educational video that shows kids how to respond in a medical emergency. This video was sent to public elementary schools. Additionally, the team will educate the public with in-school visits, brochures, a Facebook page, and informational website.

Knowing how to save a life benefits everyone. Harpers Heart Heroes believe that everyone, even young elementary age children, should be taught what to do in a medical emergency.

Board of Directors

James S. De Moss, DO, FACEP
SWMES, PC President Board of Directors

Gregory Lendzion, DO, FACEP
SWMES, PC Vice President / Treasurer Board of Directors Member

Andrea Allman, DO, AOBEM
SWMES, PC Board of Directors Secretary
Bronson LakeView ED Medical Director

Scott C. Gibson, MD, FACEP
SWMES, PC Board of Directors Member
Bronson Methodist Hospital ED Medical Director
SWMES, PC Corporate Medical Director

Mark Kerschner, MD, FACEP
Bronson Hospital ED Co-Medical Director
SWMES, PC Board of Directors Member

Jeremiah Ledesma, MD
SWMES Board of Directors Member

Tom Mikulski, DO
SWMES, PC Board Member
Bronson South Haven ED Medical Director

Jessica Wright, DO, FACEP
SWMES, PC Board of Directors Member